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Victor M325

Rat Snap Trap

Victor Out O' Sight

Mole Trap

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Victor Traps

Victor offers a variety of reliable and effective traps for rodent control and has been a trusted brand name since 1890. They continuously prove to manufacture new and innovative traps even while proving to the public that their original snap trap is still the trusted rodent control method that is used by customers all over the world.

List of Victor Traps

  • Victor M325 Rat Snap Trap
  • Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap
  • Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap
  • Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap

Victor Rodent Traps

Victor traps are going to be the fastest, safest, and most reliable solution to control your rodent infestation. Since 1890, Victor has provided pest management companies and homeowners with safe alternatives to toxic rodenticides. Trapping rodents has multiple advantages over all other methods which include effectiveness, safety, and removal of the rodents. Not only will Victor traps be inexpensive, but Victor traps are reusable over and over again. This gives you an economical advantage over expensive poisons. With whatever trap you choose, they are simply - fast and effective. Victor traps are all tested and remain the #1 choice for rodent control. Without the use of chemicals and poisons, Victor traps naturally lure rodents and can show effectiveness within just 24 hours. Not only are they non-toxic, highly effective, and reliable, Victor traps also give the advantage of visibly showing immediate results. Your are given the assurance of knowing that the rodents are, in fact, caught and killed. For over 100 years, Victor has given people the comfort of a rodent free living. There is no other alternative that will be as effective or as reliable as Victor traps - the world leader in rodent control. Rely on Victor rat traps and Victor mouse traps today.